Where does the leather come from... Part 1.

I belive in  transparency in the supply chain. So I will use this Blog to highlight and talk about where the materials come from, who my suppliers are and why I have chosen these suppliers.. First  - The main ingredient in the handbag, the leather. Where does it come from?

The leather manufacturers I use, are carefully chosen, with the main focus being their philosophy and respect for the environmental impact their production have. One of these manufacturers is a family run tannery, based in Italy and producing Veg Tan leather. Their secret formulas of managing to create vibrant hues of colour mixing this old organic technique with modern technology is for me a winning combination. Without the use of Chrome, they manage to create beautiful leather that have the ability to get better and better with wear, and is perfect for the KJ London products, that should be part of your wardrobe for years. This leather can last a lifetime, and more importantly - when it has finished it's purpose, is bio-degradeble. The hides used for this leather production are all bi-products from the food industry.

What is Veg Tan?

This is the traditional way of tanning leather, using vegetable products such as bark to tan the leather. This is a slow process that can take up to 8 weeks, so needless to say, not suitable to the fast moving demands of today. However this type of leather has a wonderful natural quality. 

Why I use this type of leather:

It is handmade, and have an irregularity which I love for it's unique and genuine aesthetic. The durability and high end qualities suits KJ London's Philosophy of making products to last a lifetime. Veg tan leather will over time gain a unique patina and "caramelisation" of the colour.

The craftsmen producing this leather, are fully qualified and paid fair wages, and at the same time keeping alive an old tradition of tanning and promoting an eco-sustainable industry.

It values a slower approach to fashion and production. Quality over quantity.

I hope you agree.



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