Rick Powell is a master of precision. He uses sustainable materials, elevated by his highly engineered process to create components that seemingly slides into place like a puzzle. The beauty in his creations lies in the sheer enjoyment and visual satisfaction of these almost impossibly precisely cut pieces. Studies in architecture and sustainable design teamed with a life-long passion for art is the backbone of his practice.

His kitchens are works of art and his range of furniture and shelving so sleek, you don’t actually need to fill them.

And then we have the pens… Small, but definitely not forgotten. Beautiful and tactile – These objects of desire are as wonderful to write with, as they are to look at. This is a pen you wouldn’t want to lose, and thankfully you are also unlikely to. Both ends feature built in magnets in the lid, and thus makes it harder to misplace.

The perfect present for that someone who is impossible to buy for…!



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