First post

WOW - First Post.

When you start a blog, there will always be that first, daunting start of something to come - The first Blog Post. I have been pondering about this first post for weeks now. How do you start...? As last week saw the end of fashion Revolution Week - I concluded that there are no better ways to start, than highlighting why we need something like this and also the very reason I started making handbags. The word of the week has without any doubt been  - SUSTAINABILITY. 

KJ London is my own little revolt against Fast Fashion. I truly believe in buying better and personal rather than seasonal and trendy. A considered purchase will stay with you beyond this season and give you and your wardrobe a lot of joy, for years to come!

Fashion as a global industry is worth $2.4 trillion! That is equal to the GDP of the 7th biggest economy in the world. That's a lot of clothes. How much of this goes into landfill after a season or two?? And who makes these clothes? Are they treated fairly and paid a decent salary? This blog is the perfect opportunity give an insight into the makers and suppliers of a KJ London handbag. Transparency in the supply chain!! Bring it on!

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