• My Favourite quotes.

    The fun quote have always been a hit. It's great way to personalise the bag, and let's face it - A great icebreaker in any situation! View Post
  • Where does the leather come from... Part 1.

    I belive in  transparency in the supply chain. So I will use this Blog to highlight and talk about where the materials come from, who my suppliers are and why I have chosen these suppliers.. First  - The main ingredient in the handbag, the leather. Where does it come from? The leather manufacture... View Post
  • First post

    WOW - First Post. When you start a blog, there will always be that first, daunting start of something to come - The first Blog Post. I have been pondering about this first post for weeks now. How do you start...? As last week saw the end of fashion Revolution Week - I concluded that there are no ... View Post